Strategic Counsel

Corporate and product positioning

Message analysis and development

Market and industry research and analysis

Press coverage analysis

Reputation assessment and management

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Media and Analyst Relations

Develop and rehearse Rude Q&A (no unexpected questions!) before getting in front of the press and analysts

Media training

Preparation before each briefing including talking points, strategy and slant

Measurement of results, ongoing metrics

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Content Creation

Create and develop themes and campaigns targeting customers, partners, promotions, events, etc.

Research, compile comprehensive blogger list across industry, verticals, technoratti, analysts, journalists, pundits and posers

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Investor Media Relations

Create communications for earnings, acquisitions, partnerships, investments, IPO, etc.

Deep relationships with venture capitalists, media, analysts and pundits

Executive coaching sessions

Corporate Communications

Corporate counsel — from CEO to COO, from strategic planner to marketing director

Corporate visibility and leadership

Event sponsorships

Executive spokesperson coaching

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Competitive Communications

Driving proactive competitive campaigns

Press coverage and opinion tracking, analysis and recommendations

Customer Collaboration

Customer case studies

Developer conferences

Joint announcements and presentations

PR customer reference database in support of media relations issues

Trade show support

Integrated Communications

Develop whitepapers and bylined articles

Creative cross-platform promotions — across product lines, developer groups, etc.

Executive spokesperson coaching

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Martin Levy Public Relations are exceptional professionals who deliver terrific results. At Interneer, a new generation BPM software company focused on Smart Mobile Apps, they helped us gain critical exposure with the analyst community, as well as to place many articles with the media.

Martin and his team know what to focus on, he keeps the message on target, and makes sure people understand what we’re saying – sounds easy but it’s not always the case in the technology space.

Chief Marketing Officer and VP of Business Development at Interneer 

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