About Us

We work with a wide range of clients and technologies including lifestyle, consumer apps and gadgets, digital media, enterprise hardware/software. We use this formula to achieve results:

  • Sandblast positioning via deep industry, company and competitive audits
  • Expert media training and smarter “press packaging”
  • Aggressive, rotating media relations campaigns (product, feature, customer, news, trend, corporate, financial, bylines, expert)
  • Ensure PR is lock-step with marketing, search and web campaigns
  • Marry social media with PR into “greater sum parts” to further drive messaging/awareness
  • Deliver strategic communications counsel on all-things marketing including social media, competitive challenges, corporate and product positioning, messaging and brand
  • Drive analyst relations to shape and define vision and market perception
  • Leverage customers and partners at all points along the way
  • Adjust…or die!

Please speak with us about:

  • Leveraging PR to launch your company or new product
  • Distilling messaging/positioning so you can tell the right story to press and analysts
  • Leveraging PR to position for funding or acquisition
  • Create subject matter experts who can speak/evangelize in the press
  • Create content  that resonates with customers, peers, partners, media
  • Initiate an a strategic media and analyst relations program

Martin Levy Public Relations are exceptional professionals who deliver terrific results. At Interneer, a new generation BPM software company focused on Smart Mobile Apps, they helped us gain critical exposure with the analyst community, as well as to place many articles with the media.

Martin and his team know what to focus on, he keeps the message on target, and makes sure people understand what we’re saying – sounds easy but it’s not always the case in the technology space.

Chief Marketing Officer and VP of Business Development at Interneer 

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