Martin Levy Public Relations, Inc. creates exposure and market traction for emerging growth and new technology companies, as well as Personalities/Subject Matter Experts. In addition to generating press coverage and mind-share with analysts and those who influence, we believe our ultimate mandate is to position our corporate clients for funding, acquisition, IPO or increased public valuation.
We call this Valuation PR.

  • Smarter “press packaging”
  • Timely expert content
  • PR lock-step with social media/marketing
  • Adjust...or die!

Clients in the News

We launch companies and/or evangelize products via highly proactive and highly targeted media relations campaigns customized, hard-targeted, and “hand delivered” across your key buyer buckets.

Our experience includes a wide range of technology, lifestyle, consumer apps and gadgets, as well as enterprise software, hardware and related services.

We work with subject matter experts from industries including: Finance/Investing, IT, Security, Marketing, Customer Service/Sales, Corporate Management, Public Safety, Education, HR/Careers, and many more.


Martin Levy Public Relations are exceptional professionals who deliver terrific results. At Interneer, a new generation BPM software company focused on Smart Mobile Apps, they helped us gain critical exposure with the analyst community, as well as to place many articles with the media.

Martin and his team know what to focus on, he keeps the message on target, and makes sure people understand what we’re saying – sounds easy but it’s not always the case in the technology space.

Chief Marketing Officer and VP of Business Development at Interneer 

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